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The Spooky Men's Chorale

A concert not to miss! The world-famous Spooky Men's Chorale will be performing at the Chapel Theatre on Thursday February 23, 2017!

spooky men's chorale in glen innes


Ennobled by improbable facial hair, burdened by a vast, lovable incomprehension, and dignified with cavernous vocal chords, the Spooky Men's Chorale employs a devastating combination of beauty and stupidity to comment on the unsolvable paradoxes of being a man. With diverse repertoire ranging from Georgian table songs to immaculate ballads, vaudevillian nonsense and a mock Sufi ode to the Bee Gees, they have built a reputation for highly amusing and entertaining performances built on a solid musical base, under the leadership of Stephen Taberner. 
Tour Producer - Musica Viva Australia

Here's a sample - sample 1 and another - sample 2

Don't forget: Feb 23!

Tickets on sale at Carelles in January.


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