Chapel Theatre Glen Innes The Glen Innes Arts Council welcomes you to the Chapel Theatre. Details are subject to change so please visit our website for latest info. ADMISSION PRICES - $10 Child/Student/Senior.     $14 Adults
Fri Mar 23, 6:30pm ~ 8:52pm The Maze Runner- Death Cure (M)
Fri Mar 23, 9:15pm ~ 11:14pm I, Tonya (MA)
Sat Mar 24, 5:00pm ~ 6:59pm I, Tonya (MA)
Sat Mar 24, 7:30pm ~ 9:52pm The Maze Runner- Death Cure (M)
Sun Mar 25, 2:00pm ~ 3:59pm I, Tonya (MA)
Sun Mar 25, 4:15pm ~ 6:37pm The Maze Runner- Death Cure (M)
Sat Mar 31, 3:00pm ~ 5:14pm Black Panther (M)
Sat Mar 31, 6:00pm ~ 8:20pm Red Sparrow (MA)
Mon Apr 2, 2:00pm ~ 4:14pm Black Panther (M)
Mon Apr 2, 4:45pm ~ 7:05pm Red Sparrow (MA)
Fri Apr 6, 6:30pm ~ 8:44pm Black Panther 3D (M)
Fri Apr 6, 9:15pm ~ 11:00pm Fifty Shades Freed (MA)
Sat Apr 7, 5:00pm ~ 7:14pm Black Panther (M)
Sat Apr 7, 7:45pm ~ 9:30pm Fifty Shades Freed (MA)
Sun Apr 8, 2:00pm ~ 4:14pm Black Panther 3D (M)
Sun Apr 8, 4:45pm ~ 7:05pm Red Sparrow (MA)